enclosed car shipping

enclosed car shipping a complete Guide 2020

Do you consider your car an investment? Are you concerned that snow or cold weather can affect your car? Then you should consider enclosed auto car shipping. Enclosed auto car shipping is a type of auto car shipping that adds more protection to your car as compared to open car shipping.

Enclosed auto shipping often goes unnoticed on the highway because the vehicles are hidden from view. The enclosed auto car carriers protect the vehicles inside from the elements, assuring that neither rain, snow, sleet, hail, rocks or anything else can affect. Our Enclosed transport carrier ensures that vehicles arrive in the exact same condition in which they departed. If the vehicle is loaded in clean condition, it will arrive clean too

enclosed car shipping

Our enclosed auto shipping drivers are fully trained and very effective in handling vehicles of high value when loading and unloading your prized property from your step.

Enclosed auto car carriers make up a smaller market designed for expensive or rare vehicles. Our  Enclosed car  Carrier will cost a premium rate due to the nature of the service and the extra security it provides.

 Cost of Enclosed car shipping

Enclosed car transport service prices are calculated the same as open car transport, but you’ll pay about 30%-40% more per trip depending upon the size and distance. For standard-sized vehicles: short routes (1-500 miles) average $709, medium routes (500-1500 miles) average $929, and longer routes (1500+ miles) average $1179.

 Types of enclosed auto car shipping

  • 5-6 Car Enclosed Carriers
  • 2-3 Car Enclosed Trailer
  • Soft-Sided Covered Trailer
  • Oversize Enclosed Trailer

Pros and cons of Enclosed auto car shipping


  1. Peace-of-mind protection
  2. Extra insurance
  3. Safe from rain, weather, and road hazards
  4. Ship cars with low ground clearance
  5. Ship more than one vehicle


  1. enclosed auto car shipping is 30% to 40% is more Expensive then open car shipping.

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