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Open car shipping complete Guide 2020

Are you planning to move to a new state or another country? Do you want to ship your car? There are to option open auto car shipping and enclosed auto car shipping. In only America 32,252,000 people move to another state or in the same state that is 10.1% of the total population of the US. Here we made a complete search on open car shipping.

Open auto transport is the most common type of car shipping service worldwide. Open auto car shipping is easier to arrange than enclosed car shipping. This is because bigger open trailer car carriers can carry an average of 8-10 cars at once.

Open-air auto transport carriers cost on average about 30% to 35% less than enclosed shipping. Open car shipping is one quick way to move your car. Because it is one of the most commonly used for auto car shipping. Approximately 95% of all auto transport shipments are done in open car carriers and at a time they can carry 8 to 10 cars. Hence, there is more option to ship your car. Open car transport is mostly used by Dealerships. They have to ship a large number of  cars from one location to other

Types Of Open-Car Shipping Can Choose From

The three main types of open car shipping are:

  • Two-level, multi-car carrier: The most common use by people.
  • Single-level, multi-car carrier: This type of carrier is often used for moving sports or luxury autos, or for expedited deliveries.
  • Dully truck with a single-level tow trailer: This shipping type is often used for short-distance or local deliveries.

Pros And Cons Of Open Car Shipping


  • Shipping by open transport is quicker and cheaper than enclosed transport
  • In addition, there are more open-air carriers on the road.
  • This makes it easier to book preferred shipping and time of arrival.
  • Shipping by an open carrier is more affordable.
  • 8 to 10 vehicles can be loaded onto a two-tier trailer and shipped at one time, which saves you money.
  • An open-air trailer is lighter than an indoor trailer, leading to cheaper fuel costs.
  • Least expensive auto transport option, better visibility, therefore, the driver can inspect the vehicles easier while in transit


  • The open transport trailer is open-air which suggests your vehicle is exposed to the weather.
  • The vehicle is exposed to the weather in the least times, little or no protection against road debris, which can affect your car and fewer secure than a totally enclosed trailer.
  • Your car also receives minimum protection from road debris during transport.
  • your car may arrive dirty and in need of a wash since cars shipped in an open container which may dirt your car.

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